Tuesday, November 8, 2011

it has been 2 years

Dinner at Nobu Japanese restaurant to celebrate my 730 days together with him
although during this two years quarrel and argument never stops.
But im glad we had been thru so much and still holding hands.
Though we celebrated one day later than the actual one, i still felt very excited towards it
and that night was one of my most memorable night in melbourne.

the bar upstairs in Nobu, very nice ambiance

very bad quality of pictures from iphone nah
we were starving that time already!
food please~

Bambo hoku in a real bambo
they said it taste much more sweeter, but it just taste exactly the same like hoku
and hoku in a small bambo cup

the first dish we had, yellowtail sashimi? the sashimi is absolutely fresh

Next is the mouth watering scallop!
this is one of the best dish! the taste of sesame with raw scallops are just way too perfect, unbeatable.
if i have to rate this, i rated 9.8/10
the 0.2 is becoz i didnt had enough of it!

Black cod miso, again, everything is so damn fresh
and next, the truly wagyu beef
and this blissful cow got a name somemore, but i forgotten, sorry cow.
the tenderness is undeniable, but the price is an atomic bomb.
Duck teriyaki
someone's always so impatient
sushi roll is a must in japanese restaurant!
very huge soft shell crab roll!
and lastly, the sweetest dessert in my happiest day, rice pudding with melted vanilla

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Royal Melbourne Show

This is overdue longgggggggg time ago bcoz seriously i really want to blog, but i just couldn't draw any free time out to do it
and whenever i have real free time, i will do my assignments first hahaha
im not saying how hardworking am i, the truth is i've tons of assignments that never end and they are the pain in the ass, they are many, and needs alot of effort in it, and most importantly they are all due around the same corner.

and its so troublesome to upload a picture which is taken from SLR camera
it tooks like forever to upload at blogger bcoz the file size is like 6Mb
have to change the size somemore, troublesomeeeeeee!
so i summarized the picture of that day from 100++ pictures to only 6 HAHA

and here is some of the pictures!

why is that guy looking at my camera dun even knw him

smurf fever now

Thursday, September 29, 2011

miss the time when we always shopping at orchard rd.
miss it when we can always talk so much like our conversation will never stop.
miss it when we both are keeping silence but will never feel awkward.
just miss that kind of feeling when we are doing things together
and no one could replace

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

auzzie night life

Time for some updateeeeeees
a very short short one about my clubbing night again at Neverland
The whole club was packed with so many people that night
think they've got some event going on, from those Melbourne Uni students, or the Indonesians
not really sure

While my friend and i was queuing up at the guest lists, there was this 2 random guys approaching to us, asking us whether wanna go in with them, because they said they cant go in without girls
Strange, but whatever, we're just so lucky because we just reached there not even 5 mins and the queue was just horribly long.
so we said YES, why not.
and that two random guys, one was from KL and another one from Singapore
such a small world.

and there's not much pictures btw, some stupid girl called Debby Soh took my lumix charger away FROM my place and now she's keeping it in Malaysia.
So gonna kick her ass when i back in malaysia.

here comes my pretty Melinda
bumped into her in the club

why's there always some hairs falling in front of my face!!!

ok that's it
and im not a clubber
no, i did not club that often.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Happiest time ever
with u guys around

and how i wish my sister can be here too
and she could be the one listens to my nag all the time
sometimes i just want to talk to someone who really understand me

Hope i can get thru this very soon =(

xxi miss homexx